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TO BECOME A SPITFIRE PILOT, under the guidance of our Pilot, book a flight in the genuine WWII Spitfire – the Grace Spitfire ML407 under the care and attention of Air Leasing with 32 years experience of successful flying of this aircraft, email

flights@ML407.co.uk  or talk to us about this on 01604 642 058

You will actually be able to take control of our Spitfire in the air following the very personal briefing by Carolyn Grace with you actually at our Spitfire before you fly, and under the guidance of our pilot, you will experience the incredible legendary handling characteristics of the Spitfire.

New flyer non christmas

The Grace Spitfire 2018 flight dates at Sywell Aerodrome are available now.       For details email flights@ML407.co.uk we can also supply a Gift Certificate.

Your friends and family will be included in your experience coming right to the Spitfire to see you get into the aeroplane watching you taxi off and then share in your joy at your return. You can have 12 guests come airside to the Spitfire with more guests in the lawned area at the airfield close to where the Spitfire is parked. If mobility is a concern for any of your guests Carolyn (Grace) will talk this through with you when you she calls you two days before your flight is due to take place to discuss all the details of your very special day with us.  We want to ensure everyone with you is included in your exciting moment in time with ML407. Sywell Aerodrome has The Aviator Hotel on the airfield together with a restaurant and bar with coffee area and outside seating area to relax during you visit.

When you fly in this genuinely historic Spitfire which flew 320 combat hours during WWII and shot down the first enemy aircraft on the D-Day landings it is the Grace family who will look after you whilst you enjoy their treasured Spitfire which we have been flying people in for over 30 years plus we give you a Flight Certificate and a Grace Spitfire Gift Pack.  GO TO OUR FLIGHTS TAB FOR MORE INFORMATION or telephone us 01604 642 058