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FLY IN THE GRACE SPITFIRE WITH HANDS ON EXPERIENCE – no deposit, payment is on the day of flight or two days in advance by transfer; a refund in full is offered if for any reason we do not fly that day.  There are a few dates remaining for September or you can register for 2018 dates. To obtain all information on flights in the Grace Spitfire email flights@ML407.co.uk  Remember when you fly in this genuinely historic Spitfire we give you a Flight Certificate and a Grace Spitfire Gift Pack.

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The Grace Spitfire For Your Airshow or Private Event

ML407To obtain a quotation for a display by The Grace Spitfire click here for more info on booking a display.

The Grace Spitfire has been displayed successfully for the past 31 years and is available to everyone so please email us here to use the display enquiry form or if you prefer telephone us to discuss your enquiry further.

The Grace Spitfire has a remarkable and extensive History and, together with our talented display pilots, as seen in our Display CV results in a dynamic, versatile display which can be tailored to meet your own specific Event requirements:-

  • A choreographed display to music
  • A surprise display to amaze and excite your wedding or party guests
  • A solo aerobatic display designed for your particular site and needs
  • A dramatic display for your Corporate Event
  • A sensitive in memoriam display to be uplifting for the mourners
  • A memorial display to celebrate the life of a loved one
  • A commemorative flypast to celebrate and honour the past
  • A display in formation with another Warbird (type to be arranged)

Display CV

ML407 Displaying 1 ML407 Displaying 2 ML407 Displaying 3

The Grace Spitfire is displayed by

  • Carolyn Grace has been flying displays for 25 years. Her display in the Grace Spitfire is described as balletic as she loops, cubans, rolls and presents every possible angle of the Spitfire to the spectator
  • Richard Grace has been flying displays for 10 years. His display in the Grace Spitfire is described as dynamic incorporating reverse half cubans, full cubans loops, rolls and also showing to the spectator all the inconic shapes of the Spitfire
  • Pete Kynsey has been flying displays for 30 years in many different high performance and light aircraft. His expertise is renowned and he brings the very best out in whichever aircraft he is flying.
  • Dave Puleston has been flying displays in many types of aircraft for 18 years. He brings a wealth of display flying experience to his flying resulting in the spectator seeing the aircraft at its best.

Displays to Music

Carolyn has been displaying the Grace Spitfire for 24 years and at Proms Concerts for 16 in various parts of the United Kingdom. Carolyn takes great care in choreographing the flying manoeuvres to suit the music that is being played by the live Orchestra. The music varies depending on the event and is often the emotive William Walton’s Spitfire Prelude and Fugue, Elgar’s Nimrod and Coates’ Dambusters March. The combination of the live Orchestra playing the evocative music with the sound of the Merlin Engine and beauty of the lines of the iconic Spitfire in the setting sun is a truly emotional journey. Venues recently flown at are:

  • Highclere Castle
  • Blenheim Palace
  • Hatfield House
  • Burghley House
  • Althorp House
  • Audley End House
  • Ragley Hall
  • Blickling Hall
  • Borde Hill Gardens
  • Aldeburgh

Grace Spitfire Display for your Wedding

The Grace Spitfire is flown at many specific Wedding venues or your home which really adds an element of surprise and excitement to this special day. Often it is kept a surprise for the Bride or Groom and we work with the wedding organiser or you to arrive for the display at an exact time to bring to ensure the wedding party are in place for the ‘surprise’ item.

Grace Spitfire Display for the Birthday Party

For that memorable Birthday Party at your home or favourite Pub, Hotel, Restaurant or picnic place the Grace Spitfire will arrive at a pre arranged time so that the display can be kept a surprise and the arrival of the Grace Spitfire from seemingly nowhere, adds a dramatic and memorable experience for all those present for the Birthday they will never forget.

Grace Spitfire Display just for You

If you feel you want to settle down in the back garden area of your local Pub with a special lunch preceded by a bottle of something nice – what better thing to be watching and listening to than the roar of the Grace Spitfire’s Merlin engine and iconic lines flown just for you and your partner or guests.

Grace Spitfire Corporate Promotion Display

Should you want to make that Corporate Day carry that mark of distinction, the Grace Spitfire can fulfil this role with a superbly polished display at our own premises at Sywell Aerodome or at the venue of your choice.

Grace Spitfire In Memoriam Display

The Grace Spitfire can assist you at your special time of need.

I know how hard it is to say goodbye to one you love having done it myself. To lift spirits on the day I can perform a suitable display at the funeral.

The In Memoriam display consists of four passes with a climbing roll up into the sky to complete.

Please contact Carolyn Grace by email to either the website or above given email.

You may prefer to telephone the Grace Spitfire Team on 01604 642 058 or leave a voicemail or send a fax on 01604 648 212.

I can assure you I will do everything I can to help you on the day.

The Grace Spitfire Memorial Display

This display is designed to be a more intense dynamic display than the In Memoriam display should the mourners feel that the person they are remembering would have appreciated a display such as this.

The Grace Spitfire Commemorative Flypast

This flypast is suitable for larger gathering or events where the organiser’s preference is for a short commemorative pass by the iconic aircraft that represents so much to so many people for differing reasons.

The Grace Spitfire Formation Display

The Grace Spitfire has been flown in many notable large formation displays at many Airshows and should you wish to have the aircraft included in your formation display please contact us accordingly outlining your requirements. Alternatively we can arrange for a smaller formation display using other heavy piston type aircraft which can be arranged on application via our webform or by phone.