December update

The Air Leasing engineering team, Richard Grace, Steve Kingman and Dave Puleston, have been diligently working through the maintenance Schedule on the Grace Spitfire. This usually means a lot scratches, cuts and bruises whilst they try to access areas through the impossibly small inspection points that are revealed by removing the numerous inspection panels!  Steve has likened it to repairing your washing machine through your letterbox.

First items inspected are the engine filters for debris and I am very pleased to report that they were all clear and clean so the installed Merlin engine is good to carry on for 2014. This is a huge relief as we do not have enough funds in the engine overhaul fund yet to put the spare Merlin with Eye Tech Engineering who carry out the overhaul inspection.

Non destructive testing will be carried out in January on the relevant areas including our spare eye bolts which have to be changed every 100 landings which means through the 2014 season.

The renewals have been coming in very well and Daisy Burge was busy processing them and we were aiming to get all replies out prior to Christmas which we did.

The new Teddy Bear, Tea Towel and Cap have sold quite well for new items. The Gilet we have had to change to a Regatta Gilet due to the manufacturer of the Result Gilet not being able to meet with orders and  our supplier has told us that in addition to this problem the embroidery panel is not well designed for their machines and can only be hand done which is  not viable.  The Regatta Gilet is in the middle of the padded range – so not as puffy as the Result one on our 2014 mailing list but more padded than a fleece one – and we will get a photo on the shop area in January.

As I am writing this update in early January I would like to say that I hope you all had a good, relaxing Christmas/New Year break.

The January update will be done on the 18th January – promise!


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