February into March Update

I have a good excuse for the late posting of the February update – it is due to the weather!  What are the chances of the weather affecting this – well you will know from the January update ML407 was through winter maintenance mid January and waiting for the weather to turn into something sensible which means a pattern that provides a stability in wind being easterly or westerly and not too strong, no rain and a decent cloud base of at least 3,000′ and broken cloud at that then Richard would carry out the test flight.  This pattern of weather stability did not happen until early March – the 5th in fact,  coincidentally the 78th Anniversary of the first flight of the type at Southampton.

Richard carried out the full post maintenance test flight programme and I am thrilled to report that the Grace Spitfire is fully serviceable for the 2014 year.  There was not a single snag to be found with all systems and their various mechanisms working as anticipated.  I am looking forward to another good weather pattern when I shall fly ML407 which I have to say I am ‘itching’ to do.  There is nothing quite like that first flight of the year, the first engine start you do with all the evocative fumes which one has been missing since the end of last season, the sound and feel of that Merlin engine and the sheer unadulterated joy of getting airborne.  She does not make it easy and, as with every take off and landing it is a challenge but that is all part of her being ‘the Perfect Lady’.

We now physically have the Grace Spitfire Mugs ready for the Stall (Duxford May D-Day Airshow) and in the next update I shall be announcing a very appealing Grace Spitfire item to snap up!

The Display Calendar is now on the website and I will keep it updated with the more immediate updates on ‘Carolyn’s Updates’ in the Supporters Area.

For now I am signing off.

One thought on “February into March Update

  1. Ivor

    Could you tell me about the Hurricane I keep seeing above Bentwaters? Is it Anna Walkers?
    I live across the road from the airfield and this mornings display was magical.

    Thank you



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