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The Grace Spitfire does a large number of Airshows, as well as Birthday, Wedding and Celebration displays. These can be at people’s home address (subject to position as stated below) or at a suitable site nearby, an airfield near to your location, or at your airshow.

The display, which can be cleared down to 200 feet, consists of a maximum of 10 minutes aerobatic routine (subject to the weather conditions at the time) incorporating all the manoeuvres pertaining to the Spitfire aircraft in battle. It shows off its beautiful lines and, coupled with the sound of the Merlin engine, makes for a memorable part of your special day.

The following information will give you an idea of what is involved:
The display site cannot be in a congested area, such as the middle of a town, nor can it be in controlled airspace – both of which I can answer when I receive the area where you would like the display to take place preferably by way of the postcode.

The date has to be in the display season when the Spitfire is operational from March to the end of September usually.

The cost for the Spitfire display varies depending on where the display is to take place in the country and the longer distance the Spitfire has to fly to arrive at the display site the more the cost will be.  All displays require us to obtain CAA clearance at a fee of £224 for a private display.  Prices are subject to VAT excluding the CAA fee which is exempt.

Please do contact me further if you want a detailed quote, you can do so using the web form above or by telephone / Fax on: 01604 642058.