TO BECOME A SPITFIRE PILOT, under the guidance of our Pilot, book a flight in the genuine WWII Spitfire – the Grace Spitfire ML407 under the care and attention of Air Leasing who have successfully flown this aircraft for 32 years, email  or talk to us about this on 01604 642 058

You will actually be able to take control of our Spitfire in the air following the very personal briefing by Carolyn Grace actually at our Spitfire before you fly, and under the guidance of our pilot, you will experience the incredible legendary handling characteristics of the Spitfire.

New flyer non christmas

The Grace Spitfire 2018 flight dates at Sywell Aerodrome are available now.       For details email we can also supply a Gift Certificate.

When you fly in this genuinely historic Spitfire it is the Grace family who will look after you whilst you enjoy their treasured Spitfire which we have been flying people in for over 30 years plus we give you a Flight Certificate and a Grace Spitfire Gift Pack.

Your friends and family will be included in your experience coming right to the Spitfire to see you get into the aeroplane watching you taxi off and then share in your joy at your return. You can have 12 guests come airside to the Spitfire with more guests in the picnic area at the airfield close to where the Spitfire is parked. Carolyn (Grace) will be calling you personally to talk over the final details of your day with ML407 and cover all subjects relating to you and your guests, if any have mobility issues for instance.  We want to ensure that your guests have a memorable day as well as you, the person flying.  The Aviator Hotel is on the Airfield as is a Restaurant, Bar and Coffee Lounge with outside seating and a lawned area with picnic tables close to where our Spitfire is parked on the day.

Experience a 25 minute (airborne) flight in the Grace Spitfire which is the genuine article, this original iconic Mark IX Spitfire flew 320 combat hours in WWII including shooting down the first enemy aircraft on the D-Day landings. If you are a pilot do bring your Log Book for the Pilot to fill in and sign.

Your flight in the Grace Spitfire :

  • You can take control of the Spitfire during your flight guided by the pilot
  • You will be astounded at the flying characteristics of the Spitfire
  • The pilot can fly aerobatic and combat manoeuvres during your flight if you like
  • You will gain a sense of how it felt to be a Spitfire Fighter Pilot
  • You will soar through the sky with limitless ease in a manner never before felt
  • You will have a 35 minute experience, 25 minutes which is airborne time
  • Book this truly unique experience in the Grace Spitfire for cost of £2,790
  • Bring up to 12 guests airside out to the Spitfire
  • More guests can attend in the Airfield picnic area close to the Spitfire

About the Grace Spitfire:

  • Delivered by Jackie Moggridge, famous lady pilot of the ATA to front line Squadron
  • Was flown in more combat hours (320) than any other surviving Spitfire
  • Johnnie Houlton DFC flying ML407 shot down first enemy aircraft on D-Day
  • Remained operational in 7 front line Squadrons for entire last year of the War
  • Saved from being scrapped by conversion to two seat trainer in 1950
  • Was flown as Advanced Trainer for Irish Air Corps until 1960
  • Restored to flying condition by (the late) Nick Grace in 1985 in Cornwall
  • Owned and flown by the Grace family – Nick then Carolyn and Richard Grace
  • Maintained by the Grace family’s Maintenance Organisation – Air Leasing Ltd
  • The Spitfire of internationally acclaimed series ‘Spitfire Ace’
  • Flew in Top Gear Series, flying Richard Hammond
  • Flew James May in Toy Stories Series
  • Flew Sir David Jason in Battle of Britain ITV Series
  • Has remained operational (flying) for longer than any Spitfire
  • It is the Grace family who book and handle your flight we have no agents

The Grace Spitfire

What will happen during your flight experience with the Grace Spitfire at Sywell Aerodrome, Northampton:

After a full verbal briefing from our team,  and in-depth talk with the pilot you will be ready to be flown in our Spitfire. During your flight the pilot will show you how responsive the flying controls are including how manoeuvrable the Spitfire is perhaps by flying the classic Victory Roll and other related manoeuvres. The choice will be yours to make. Your friends and family will be escorted by our team out to the Spitfire to witness you in the aircraft, feel the ambience of this iconic Spitfire and see your elation upon your return.

For a full information pack, please email    Or phone 01604 642 058